Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation of S.C.


Home of the State Recognized  Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation of South Carolina. We are located on 6+ acres of land at 3688 Warrior Creek Church Road in Gray Court, SC. The Tribal Grounds "Warrior Creek" include the following: Tribal House & Office, Museum & Library, White Sage Longhouse, and Craft Store. Chief Howard White Bull Norris Living Village, and Yellow Hawk MC Shelter & Dance Arena. This has been our home since March 19, 2004. Come walk on our land with a good heart.

Our Tribal Council

Our  Chief

Dexter Yellow Hawk Sharp

Vice Chief & Fire Keeper

Mark Two Blades Williams


Tommy Sanders

Pow Wow Cordinater

Scott Red Otter Gephart

Gene News Carrier Durham

Kimberly Night Bird Lance

Tracy Talking Falcon`Cook

Tribal Council meetings are usually held the last Saturday of the month (check Calendar) at 10:00 A.M. in the White Sage Longhouse, except July, August, September, November, and December. According to our By-Laws and Constitution, the Chief and Tribal Council Chairperson may call for another council meeting other than those designated.

Our Elders Council

In 2002 Chief Howard White Bull Norris initiated the Elders' Council. The Elders' Council is the advisory committee to the entire tribe. These Elders have the knowledge and the experience to give counsel and advice to the Chief, Vice Chief, and the tribal council members on matters of tradition and culture.

Patsy Dancing Wolf Durham

First  Elders Council Chairwoman

Harold Lone Wolf Norwood

First Elders Council Chairman

Victoria Yellow Rose

Elizabeth White Sage Liggett

Lillian Basket Weaver Bryant

Founding member of the Elders Council

Jim Black Bear Howell

Gene News Carrier Durham

Faye Ebright 

Our Action Commities

               Red Shirt Warrior  Society

Mark Two Blades is the War Chief of the Red Shirt Warrior Society.

The Red Shirt Warriors (RSW) are tasked with the job of safety of our Chief, women, and children. We are responsible for upkeep and expansion of the buildings and grounds. We are the work force of the tribe.

Requirements for becoming a Red Shirt Warrior:


Women of the Spirit

Women of the Spirit is a vibrant community of women. Shannon Laughingdeer Long is the Chairwoman. 

Our Mission: We recognize that tribal women are the backbone of the tribe, weaving our ideas, community, and culture by empowering one another in every way. We help our Elders and teach our young. We support our men and honor our ancestors.

We do this by:

Young Cherokees

 Candace Kalisetsi Richardson is the chairwoman of the Young Cherokees. She has over 5 years experience working with children in both therapeutic and classroom settings and has a bachelors in Early Childhood Education.

Empowering Our Future Generations through Children's Education, Culture, and Community

Our mission is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where our Young Cherokees can thrive in their rich heritage. We focus on children's classes and resources that include cultural knowledge, traditional sports and dance, and language preservation.

You can email Candace.Kalisetsi@gmail.com for more information

Pow Wow Cordinator

Scott Red Otter Gephart is the Chairman of the Pow Wow Committee starting with the 12th Annual Pow Wow.  . 

This committee organizes the upcoming pow wow:

Basketful of Knowledge Cherokee Museum

Our First Chief envisioned our tribe having the only Cherokee Museum run by Cherokees in South Carolina; he also envisioned a traveling museum named “Basketful of Knowledge.” Victoria Yellow Rose Norris will work to combine this vision into reality, The PAIA Basketful of Knowledge Museum. Along with the help of other tribal members, this museum will tell the Cherokee story in this state and beyond. Our present museum located in the White Sage Longhouse contains much Cherokee history and artifacts, many old and recent crafts, regalia, tools and weapons, and photos of our ancestors. We will build upon this foundation to include an exhibit of our Elders telling their stories; more information about our past and current craftspeople; our 100-year history as the PAIALECNSC; and including a tribute to our First Chief who worked incessantly to make us recognized by the State of South Carolina as a tribe. 

For more information: email gvnorris@outlook.com

     Craft Store

The  Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation of S.C. has a very unique craft store. Our Women of the Spirit members operate and Craft for our store. We have Tribal Members who are Native Artists and they make original pieces for sale at our Pow Wow and other community and Tribal events. We now have an online store and T-shirt shop available on our website.

 The majority of our crafts come from our members with the occasional Native inspired items. We are extremely proud of our store as we continue to grow. I am Shannon Laughing Deer Long who is the craft store manager along with Scott Gephart.


If you would like to donate to the Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation of SC. Just use the QR code by scanning or take a picture of the code and follow the link.