SECTION 1: Any member of The Piedmont American Indian Association shall meet the following requirements:

Membership by the tribal council.

   2.The tribal council can adopt Indians from other tribes who can prove their

Native American ancestry. They become adopted members into the PAIALECNSC tribe and have full voting rights. These members cannot be members of another Indian tribe, association, or group. The majority of the tribal council members must adopt every non-Cherokee.

   1. The provisions for loss of membership are:

       1. False information on any paperwork submitted to the tribe;

       2.Misrepresentation of the tribe;

       3.Does not provide information requested in time required;

       4.Misappropriation of tribal funds;

       5.Misappropriation (misrepresentation) of the tribe for personal gain.

       6.Member belonging to another Indian tribe, association, or group. Verification will be made by

          phone or mail with member.

Any tribal member who is accused of any provision for loss of membership will have the opportunity to appear before the tribal council. The tribal council will vote on information submitted, and tribal council’s decision will be final and binding. If accused member foregoes that opportunity via phone call or mail, then membership is revoked at next tribal council meeting.

Any tribal member making a physical threat against any elected or appointed official of the PAIALECNSC will be immediately removed from the tribal rolls. This threat must be witnessed by a third person. (revised 2/27/2016)

SECTION 2: An Honorary Membership is given to someone without the needed membership qualifications required to have tribal membership. He/she will not be provided with a roll number nor be required to make the annual contribution. Therefore, he/she is given honorary status for the contributions that have and will impact the PAIALECNSC for years to come. Honorary Membership must be nominated, voted on, and approved by the tribal council; and he/she must agree to abide by the By-laws and Constitution before a card and certificate will be issued. (Added 03-31-2018)


SECTION 3: The tribal council shall have the power to pass ordinances governing future membership, loss of membership, and the adoption of members.

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